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Can you get a disease from mice?

New apartment in an old building and I've already seen some mice and holes in my food containers. If mice get into my food, can I still eat it or is it going to cause a bacterial infection or something?
Your digestive system is pretty efficient at preventing infections from food, so the chances are low that you would get an infection by eating something contaminated by a mouse. Nevertheless, there is a small chance that the food is contaminated. Therefore, in general, it is not a good idea to eat food exposed to mice. You may want to try using resealable plastic containers to protect your food and prevent the mouse invasion. Another major problem that can be caused by mice is that many people are allergic to mouse droppings. Therefore, many people with nasal allergies or asthma will have worsening of their symptoms if they are living in an environment contaminated by mouse droppings. Talk to your primary care doctor if this is the case with you, as it may be necessary to watch your condition more closely or use some medications to prevent symptoms. Keeping your apartment clean and as free of mouse droppings as possible with decrease the chances that you will experience any harm. As always, talk to your doctor for more information about this issue.
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