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"Is it safe to take two doses of my birth control pills?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it safe to take two doses of my birth control pills?


I had sex with my bf and the condom broke. I took two of my birth control pills just in case. Is this safe? Did I overreact? I know the pill isn't fool proof so I took two.


It is always a bad idea to alter the recommended dose of any medication that has been prescribed by your doctor, as most patients are not aware of the possible side effects that these medications may have. There are many medications that are perfectly safe when taken as prescribed, but can be very dangerous when taken in doses that either too high or too low. For this reason, if you have questions, it is always best to talk to your doctor. The important thing to know in your case is that it seems that you were using multiple methods of contraception, which is important for reasons that you found out yourself. While condoms are excellent at preventing infection, they are sub-optimal when it comes to preventing pregnancy all the time. By using birth control (that is, an oral contraceptive) in addition, you should know that, even if any sperm were to escape via the broken condom, you should be protected against pregnancy to a very high degree. Unfortunately, nothing except abstinence is complete protection, and so you should discuss all of these questions with your health care provider, either your OB/GYN, family care doctor, or nurse midwife.

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