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"What's causing my equilibrium problems?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's causing my equilibrium problems?


I can't quite explain this, but I think something is wrong with my equilibrium. I just feel off, like my balance is out of wack and my head feels fuzzy. Is something wrong with my inner ear? Is this the symptom of a disease?


If these symptoms continue, then I would suggest that you go to see your doctor. Problems like dizziness and feeling like you have lost your equilibrium can be caused by problems with the inner ear or with other conditions as well. One of the most common causes of feeling like your equilibrium is off is labrynthitis or vestibulitis, inflammation of the inner ear. This is usually caused by a viral infection, and the typical symptoms are feeling like the room is spinning or that you cannot keep your balance. Usually this condition gets better on its own, but sometimes it is helpful to take anti-dizziness or anti-nausea medications, which your doctor can prescribe. These symptoms can also be caused by other ear problems, such as a small stone getting lodged in the ear's balance apparatus, or a large amount of liquid behind the ear drum. Your doctor will be able to help figure this out for you. Rarely, dizziness and balance problems are a sign of a serious medical problem, such as a growth in the brain. For this reason, when you go to the doctor, they will perform a neurological exam to make sure there are no signs of this.

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