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"Is acid reflux a symptom of a more serious problem?"

ZocdocAnswersIs acid reflux a symptom of a more serious problem?


Been having bad acid reflux and never had this problem before. I'm 33 and worried that its a more serious stomach issue. Is reflux a symptom of something or its own problem?


Acid reflux is a very common problem. We refer to it as gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD for short). It occurs when the normal blocking mechanism that stops acid from moving into the esophagus fails. The acid causes pain in the esophagus which can be quite annoying. In addition, acid reflux can cause other problems. For example, when you lie down to go to bed, some of the acid can drip into your lungs. This can cause a cough that occurs only at night. Sometimes this can be so bad that it can cause a lung infection. Acid reflux that occurs over many years can cause damage to the lower esophagus. This damage can cause the lower esophageal cells to become cancerous. It is for this reason that we always want to treat GERD before it goes on to long. GERD can sometimes be caused by a more serious problem with the stomach, but most of the time it occurs on its own. I suggest that you schedule an appointment to see your primary care physician. You can describe your symptoms to your doctor in detail. If he or she thinks you have reflux, then you will be prescribed a medication to help calm down the acid production.

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