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"Is it safe to start a food combining diet?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it safe to start a food combining diet?


My friend gave some literature about a food combining diet, where you only eat certain foods with other certain foods. She said it would help my stomach indigestion. Is it true that your stomach uses different enzymes to break down different foods and is this a healthy way to eat and help my stomach?


If you are having significant indigestion, then I suggest that you see your primary care doctor. Any stomach symptoms that go on for a long time should be evaluated, because they may be a symptom of a treatable medical problem. The food combining diet theorizes that certain foods are digested best when they are combined only with other foods. The theory derives from the ideas that the digestive system uses different enzymes to break down different foods; however, there is no evidence that the food combining diet actually aids digestion. For most people, the digestive system is perfectly capable of handling whichever foods are presented to it without any problem. Indigestion, when it occurs, is not usually a problem of combining the wrong foods. Rather, it may be because of too much acid in the stomach, or because of lactose intolerance, or an allergy to gluten (among may other causes). These are all medical problems, and they can be diagnosed and treated, either through taking medications or through eating a special diet (not a food combining diet). Your primary care doctor can help you figure out what is going on and if a special diet is needed, they can help you figure that out as well.

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