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"Is there a way to make bruises heal faster?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a way to make bruises heal faster?


I seem to bruise pretty easily. Any way to make them heal faster? Why would I bruise so easily in the first place?


Bruises in conspicuous places can be very frustrating! Unfortunately, there is no specific way to accelerate the healing of a bruise, although strategically worn clothing or makeup can help make them less visible. A bruise represents bleeding under the skin, and the discoloration is from blood (almost like a 'scab' underneath your skin). Your body will slowly breakdown and remove the trapped blood--and as the chemical component of blood break down the color changes from the initial dark blue/purple to greenish/bellow--but time is the only thing that results in a bruise going away. However, as you note, the more significant question in your case is not how to make a bruise go away but why you seem to bruise so easily in the first place. As mentioned above, bruising happens when there is bleeding under the skin. This can occur because of expected trauma (you bump your knee on the side of the couch) or it can be the result of a problem with either the connective tissue forming blood vessels (i.e. they rupture too easily with only minor trauma) or the blood clotting system (when injury occurs the platelets and blood clotting factors in the blood don't work quickly enough to prevent significant blood loss and thus a large bruise). In your case, the best thing to do is make an appointment with your primary care physician to discuss your concerns. He or she can take a more thorough history and physical exam to try and determine whether you are simply unlucky when it comes to injuries or whether more detailed testing is required to identify an underlying disorder of blood vessels or the clotting system that might explain your propensity to bruise. Depending upon your doctor's findings, you may also be referred to a hematologist (blood cell specialist).

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