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"Is the pain in my foot some sort of condition?"

ZocdocAnswersIs the pain in my foot some sort of condition?


I have sharp pain in the ball of my left foot. Just kind of started up one day. Could this be an issue like tendonitis or a bone bruise? Why might I be feeling this pain?


Foot pain is a very common condition. The foot is such an extensively used area of the body with so many moving parts and that is under so much stress that it is common for it to "act up." Fortunately, there are many treatments for foot pain. I would recommend you see your primary care doctor. If needed you may see a foot doctor or podiatrist. What you describe could be consistent with plantar fasciitis -- one of the most common causes of foot pain. This condition occurs when the plantar fascia -- the connective tissue that lines the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed. This often occurs because the arch of the foot is often off. There are many treatments for this -- often including "arch support." This includes orthotics or special shoes versus shoe inserts. A podiatrist can help further treat this. Other causes of foot pain include bone pain or fracture. These mostly occur after trauma. Rarely, repeated use can cause a "stress fracture" -- but this is not as common. The joints of the foot can also be inflamed and cause pain. For example, gout -- a crystal deposition in the joint -- often occurs in the first big toe's joint. See your doctor for more information. There are many other causes than those mentioned above, all of which have some treatments. Good luck!

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