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"Why is one side of my nose always congested?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is one side of my nose always congested?


Don't have any allergies really, not since I was a kid. I'm 24 now and the right side of my nose has been congested for a month. Left side is totally clear. Why would just one side of my nose be plugged up and what could be causing it?


I suggest that you go see your primary care doctor to help you get to the bottom of this. Any persistent symptom, such as a stuffy nose for 1 month, should be investigated by your doctor in order to figure out whether there is something going on that should be treated. It is still possible that your nasal stuffiness is from allergies or from sinus congestion. Sinus congestion, in particular, can sometimes affect only one side of the nose. Symptoms that would go along with this would include tenderness over the cheekbones or headache, thick yellow or green discharge from the nose, chronic cough, or a feeling of fullness in the head. If this does turn out to be allergies or sinus congestion, then there are many excellent medications that your doctor can give you, some of which you may have taken in the past as a child for your allergies then. There are also anatomical reasons to have a stuffy nose on one side. For example, nasal polyps are quite common, as is a deviated nasal septum. Your primary care doctor would be able to diagnose these conditions, although you would subsequently need a referral to an ENT doctor to fix them.

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