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"Why do I have sinus pain after exercising?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I have sinus pain after exercising?


Had some sinus surgery to remove nasal polyps. I feel good after (it was 6 months ago) but whenever I exercise I get pressure and pain in my face and nose. What could this be due to? Is it the scarring?


This is an interesting problem that I have to admit is not commonly seen. Clearly the removal of this nasal polyp could be related to your symptoms since you noticed them only after the surgery. The pressure and pain that you feel in your face and nose is likely sinus pain. Your sinuses are small open chambers in your skull that drain out into your nasal cavity. Sinus pressure can imply that you have a clogged opening to one your sinuses. The fact that the symptoms only occur during exercise is quite peculiar. Perhaps exercise is inducing a small amount of inflammation in your nasal cavity which closes off one of the sinus drainage pathways. Your surgery could have left some scar tissue that made this possible. This type of problem should be handled by your ear nose and throat doctor. Preferably it should be the person that performed your original polyp removal. I think you should schedule an appointment soon. Your doctor will want to examine your nostrils carefully to see if there is anything abnormal left over from the operation. In addition, he or she can look at your sinus drainage pathways and determine if there are any abnormalities and that need fixed.

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