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"How do you know if you're developing diabetes?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do you know if you're developing diabetes?


I've felt very weak and I'm urinating very often. I'm a little overweight but nothing major, but I do drink a lot of soda and consume quite a bit of sugar. I'm only 22. Am I developing diabetes? How do you know if you're getting it?


You should definitely go to see your primary care doctor about these symptoms. Symptoms of adult onset diabetes, which is what you are concerned about, can include frequent urination, as well as fatigue, weight changes, blurry vision, and other symptoms. The fact that you are a bit overweight and that you consume a lot of sugar products is also concerning. Although there are many potential causes of the symptoms you are describing, diabetes is definitely one of them. Your primary care doctor will be able to perform a complete physical examination to help you determine whether this is diabetes or whether, equally importantly, there is another cause. Most likely, they will want to do some simple blood tests to rule out diabetes and other common conditions. In addition to this, you should ask your primary care doctor for some advice about how to become more physically active and lose some weight, as well as asking for advice about how to cut down on your sugar intake. Your doctor may even be able to send you to see a nutritionist to work on these things. Making positive changes in your exercise and eating habits now will be important for preventing disease in the future!

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