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"What are the symptoms of mouth cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the symptoms of mouth cancer?


Been using tobacco for 10 years or so. I have a patch where I put my dip in, but its been there and doesn't hurt. How would I know if I was getting mouth cancer? Would I get a tumor or get sick or what?


There are several reasons why it is important for you to seek dental consultation as soon as possible. Most concerning of these is your chronic tobacco use and a new finding of a patch that seems to have been present for sometime now. There are several symptoms of oral cancer. Most commonly, oral cancer presents as a lump, bump, sore, patch or a crusty lesion on the lip or within the mouth or at the gums. Sometimes there may also be bleeding from these sores, a change in the function of your jaw, change in voice, ear pain and sometimes unrelated symptoms of weight loss or change in appetite. The most common risk factor for the development of oral cancer is a history of smoking, especially in male gender. Smokers are six times more likely than nonsmokers to develop oral cancer. A family history of the same, and alcohol use are also additional risk factors. Because of the above mentioned, I would advise you to seek dental opinion as soon as possible. A dentist will be able to visually examine your mouth, take a detailed history during your routine examination as part of cancer screening. In addition, he or she may also perform biopsies of suspicious appearing lesions. These tests maybe needed to detect oral cancer sooner than when the disease has progressed to provide appropriate treatment

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