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"Do moles grow back?"


I fell down and scraped my arm pretty bad and cut a mole completely off. Is this okay? Will it grow back or does it even matter?


A mole can grow back. Sometimes moles that seem to cut off completely can grow back, although there is no way to predict this will happen. A few mole cells may remain in the skin and may recur after being removed.

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Also, if the mole has hairs, the hairs often grow back even though the mole does not. However, removing the mole does not make it grow back larger, nor does it increase the risk for it to develop into skin cancer so there is no need to worry as it is going to be fine in this aspect. That being said, some moles are more aggressive than others that need additional treatment and closer follow up. It may leave a scar, especially if the mole was a large one. As well, certain individuals can develop "keloid" scars, which are thick and raised that can itch and grow. It is good idea to schedule a follow up appointment with a doctor. Also, if you want to ensure that your mole does not grow back, you can have the doctor do an excision. In an excision its roots are cut out, and the surrounding skin is stitched together. Please see a dermatologist soon. Good luck.

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