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"Could my makeup remover be causing the dryness under my eyes?"

ZocdocAnswersCould my makeup remover be causing the dryness under my eyes?


Switched to some new makeup wipes to remove my makeup and now I have extremely dry skin under my eyes. Should I stop using the wipes or could something else cause my dry skin in just this area?


If you have noticed the dryness under your eyes after using your new makeup wipes, it is likely that they are the source of your skin problem. The skin around the eyes is extremely thin, sensitive, and prone to dryness. As well the skin around the eyes has fewer oil glands than in other parts of the body; so therefore, it is more susceptible to dryness. Sometimes makeup remover contains harsh ingredients such as alcohol that can strip moisture from skin, which especially affects the thin skin under your eyes. Your dry skin problem may become worse when you cleanse your face too often. To remedy this problem, you may want to consider oil-based eye makeup or moisturizing eye makeup remover. You should use gentle cleanser with neutral pH and avoid using too hot water that strips natural oils from your skin. You should look for a good eye cream that contains important ingredients like Coenzyme Q 10, vitamin E, and Babassu wax. Petroleum jelly well absorbs into skin so it may also work well for dryness around the eyes. Of course, drinking water throughout the day is important in keeping your skin hydrated. Having said all of this, there are medical conditions that can cause dry skin on your face and under the eyes. They are diabetes, psoriasis, and hypothyroidism. Having vitamin A deficiency can also lead to dry skin around the eyes. I would recommend a visit with a primary care doctor or dermatologist for an evaluation to rule out any serious medical condition.

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