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"Could I pass a yeast infection to my boyfriend?"

ZocdocAnswersCould I pass a yeast infection to my boyfriend?


I found out I have a yeast infection and I just had sex with my boyfriend two days ago. Could I pass it to him? He's worried that guys can get them too.


Yeast, or Candida, is a very common cause of vaginitis. Sexual transmission of Candida from woman to man (and vice versa) can occur. Studies have shown that men with sexual partners who have a history of recurrent Candidal vaginal infections have a higher rate of developing Candidal infections themselves. However, despite this fact, most experts do not recommend treatment of asymptomatic male partners, though the topic is still a bit controversial. If your boyfriend starts to develop symptoms, then he should visit his primary care physician. Candidal infections on men may manifest as whitish irritating patches on the penis (which can spread to the surrounding skin), as well as burning and itching. Fortunately, this condition in most cases can be easily diagnosed by a primary care physician, and usually resolves with the use of a topical antifungal medication for a few weeks. If you or your boyfriend have any related questions about your health, then you should contact your primary care physician.

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