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"What could cause a bump on my upper lip?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could cause a bump on my upper lip?


On the inside of my upper lip, there is a small bump. It doesn't hurt but I'm nervous that it is something serious. Could it be a tumor or is it normal to get things like this in your mouth? 21 year old male, otherwise healthy.


This is probably a normal finding. The mouth is constantly subjected to a lot of stress and physical trauma, for example accidentally biting your lip when you chew food. These small traumas can lead to the formation of resolving areas of scar tissue, which may appear as small bumps. These should slowly disappear over time and are not anything that you need to worry about. There are a few different types of sores in the mouth that hurt, including cold sores (caused by the herpes virus) and canker sores (caused again by physical trauma). It doesn't sound like this is what you have going on, but if the area does begin to become sore, you may want to see your doctor to see if there is a medication you can to relieve the pain. Rarely, bumps inside the mouth can be from tumors. This is pretty unusual, but it can occur, especially if you smoke, chew tobacco, or drink a significant amount of alcohol. You should keep an eye on the bump, and if it appears to be growing in size over the next few weeks, you should go to see your doctor to see if a biopsy might be needed.

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