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"Can allergy shots cure a food allergy?"

ZocdocAnswersCan allergy shots cure a food allergy?


I know you can get shots for allergies. But what about food allergies? I'm allergic to strawberries. Could I get shots that make the allergy go away?


Allergy shots are a form of desensitization therapy used to help people whose allergies have not been responsive to the usual treatment. The idea is that if you expose someone to the allergen over and over again, you can cause their body to get used to it and no longer respond with an allergic reaction. This type of therapy works particularly well for seasonal and environmental allergies. Unfortunately, there is no role for allergy shots when it comes to treating food allergies. This is because they don't tend to work very well and would not reduce symptoms to the point where you could begin enjoying strawberries. For now, your best bet is to avoid them so that you can avoid the reaction. Since you have a food allergy, it would be best for you to schedule an appointment with an allergist. The allergy specialist will be able to discuss with you the best treatment options you have for this allergy besides just complete abstinence. There are other therapies such as biologic agents that may play a role in reducing your symptoms, especially if they are mild to begin with. In addition, any other allergy that you have can get looked into and treated appropriately.

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