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"Why is my period suddenly irregular?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my period suddenly irregular?


I had a very regular period and it was always on time.. but now after i've not been eating alot and everything it has started to bleed heaver and last alot longer and comes and goes when it wants to i sometimes have it twice a month or not at all..


Irregular periods may indicate that your menstrual cycle has lost its balance. This is usually caused by an underlying hormonal imbalance in your body that is easily treatable. Since you have not been eating a lot lately, you've probably lost weight. Excessive weight loss can cause a shift in hormonal balance that alters the pattern you have experienced in the past when you menstruate like clockwork. Anorexic women or those who exercise excessively can find their cycles diminish or stop due to a decrease in body fat. It occurs when poor nutrition due to dieting and stress alter the brain's chemistry and hormone pathways so that your brain cannot trigger the right hormones for follicle development that makes the necessary estrogens for ovulating. In addition to missed periods, you sometimes get more than one period in the span of a month. Stress and lifestyle seem once again to play a significant role. When you do menstruate and if it is heavy for two or more successive months, a check-up is called for because heavy periods may lead to anemia so a prescription of iron supplement is necessary to stem the heavy menstrual flow. While you do not state your age, however, if you are approaching the age of 40 (i.e., perimenopause), you can also have various disruptions in your regular menstrual cycle. Medical conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome and uterine abnormalities (i.e., fibroids, cysts, polyps or endometriosis) also lead to irregular periods as well. I would recommend a visit with a primary care physician or gynecologist to be evaluated for the exact cause of your irregular periods.

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