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"Is a nerve conduction test painful?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a nerve conduction test painful?


I'm 24 and been having numbness in my left hand and fingers. My doctor recommended a nerve conduction test, but I'm not sure. Is it painful? What will it figure out?


Nerve conduction studies measure the speed at which a nerve can send electrical signals and assess their ability to conduct electricity well. These tests are commonly also performed to evaluate patient's symptoms of tingling, burning or weakness of the arms and legs. It can help diagnose how well the spinal cord, the nerve roots, the nerves and the muscles are affected as well.This test can diagnose whether you have a nerve related problem, called a neuropathy, or carpal tunnel syndrome and other nerve disorders. It consists of a motor and sensory portion, where a nerve is stimulated and the response of a muscle supplied by that nerve is recorded. The sensory portion requires electric stimulation of the nerve and records the sensory output, and notes the time between the two. Additional studies may also be performed. While this test is very helpful in diagnosing nerve disorders, it can be slightly painful due to the electrical stimuli. these are not really dangerous because the electric current used is very very low. However, if you have a pacemaker, you may want to inform your physician first. I would advise you to make an appointment with a neurologist to determine whether this is the right test, whether additional testing is required, and to discuss exactly what the test entails and the treatment for your condition.

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