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"What might be causing my concentration problems?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat might be causing my concentration problems?


Have been having real trouble concentrating at school. I'm 21 and go to college and just can't seem to focus. What might be causing this? Is it a psychological thing or could a physical problem mess with my ability to concentrate?


Occasionally a medical problem could be the root cause of your trouble concentrating. For example, a problem with your thyroid gland may cause fatigue and difficulty in class. A general checkup with your primary care doctor will be able to rule out this and other similar problems. After this, there are several psychiatric problems that could be the cause. First, it is important to rule out depression, anxiety, and other mood problems, which are some of the most common cause of trouble concentrating in school. Another very common problem to rule out is adult type attention deficit disorder. Attention deficit disorder, as you know, is more commonly described in children. However, it often occurs in adults as well; or, at least, in may not be adequately diagnosed in adolescence and just starts being a problem for people in adult life when their responsibilities increase. Symptoms include distractibility, trouble concentrating, and trouble completing tasks. You should go see either your primary care doctor or a psychiatrist to discuss the possibility of attention deficit disorder. If you are diagnosed with this condition, there are fortunately several medications that you can take that will significantly improve your symptoms and help you do better in school.

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