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"Can you get pimples in your ear?"

ZocdocAnswersCan you get pimples in your ear?


I had a weird, painful spot on the inside of my ear. Is this just a pimple or some other problem? Never had a pimple in my ear before, but that's what my dad said it was. I didn't worry for a hwile, but its been there for a month at least.


Pimples are simply blocked up pores in the skin. Therefore, they can occur anywhere on the surface of the skin, including inside of the ear. However, if the spot has persisted for as long as a month, it is probably time to go see your doctor to get some help figuring out whether it is just a pimple or whether it is something else instead. One concern would be that it is the start of a skin cancer. Since the ears are commonly exposed to lots of sun, it is common to get skin cancers there. Your doctor would be able to take a look at the spot and make sure that it is not skin cancer. Also quite common on the ears, and elsewhere, is eczema, which is an dry inflammatory condition of the skin leading to redness, itching, and scaling. Your doctor will be able to confirm this diagnosis as well and prescribe the necessary medications, which are topical steroid creams. Finally, psoriasis, another inflammatory condition of the skin, is pretty common and can also occur on the ears. As you can see, there are several possibilities, and therefore the first step will be to let your doctor take a look at it!

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