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"Why is my calf so sore?"


Been having soreness in my right calf for no apparent reason. I'm 31 and exercise frequently, but didn't pull or strain it. Sort of feels like a cramp, very tight and sore. What might be causing this? Is it a circulation issue?


Given the fact that you exercise frequently, I think the most likely cause is that you have a strain or sprain of the muscle. This may have occurred even without you noticing any obvious injury. You may want to try some gentle stretching exercises, as well as some anti inflammatory medications, and see if that makes a difference.

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If not, you may want to back off on your exercise regimen, at least for a while, until things start to improve. The other possible cause that one wouldn't want to miss would be a blood clot in the leg. This is unusual in people who are as physically active as you, but it could occur, especially if you recently found yourself sitting for a long period of time (for example on a long plane flight). Symptoms of a blood clot in the leg, other than pain, including swelling or having one calf appear larger than the other. If you notice this, this is a medical emergency and you would need to see medical help immediately. Similarly, if you have any sudden shortness of breath, chest pain, or palpitations these might be signs of a moving blood clot and you need to seek emergency help.

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