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"How can infantigo be treated?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can infantigo be treated?


I'm concerned that the rash on my two year old son's back is infantigo. I don't wamt to use unnecessary medicines. Is there any way I could treat it on my own?


Impetigo is a very common skin infection in young children. It is caused by one of two very common skin bacteria. The usual symptoms are spreading red spots that have a crusty yellow drainage on top of them. Simple cases of impetigo can be treated at home. By simple cases, I mean that there are just a few spots and that they do not spread rapidly. In these cases, you can apply some antibacterial ointment to the spots to help them clear up. Also you will have to pay close attention to hygiene, as impetigo is extremely contagious; if your two your old touches the area they can pass the infection to other parts of their body and to other people as well. If the rash does not improve, or if it is spreading significantly or very red, or if your two year old has fever or is otherwise complaining of discomfort, then you will have to go see your pediatrician. This is because most cases of impetigo will end up requiring oral antibiotics, which need to be prescribed. Your pediatrician will also be able to examine the rash to determine that it is indeed impetigo, as there are several other possible causes of rash.

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