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"Is there a reason my hands always feel cold?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a reason my hands always feel cold?


Both of my hands always feel cold. This has been going on for years but my doctor says nothing serious is wrong with me and it isn't circulation or anything. I know it isn't serious, but it does worry me. Is there something that might be causing this that I could fix?


Individuals have quite different circulatory systems, and it is pretty common for one person to 'feel cold' all the time while another person 'feels warm' all the time. However, if you notice that your hands or feet actually become painful or turn blue or white, especially when exposed to the cold, then this might be a problem and not just your individual variation. This phenomenon of the hands or foot turning blue and painful on exposure to cold air or temperatures is called Raynaud's phenomenon. Although sometimes it can be benign and not associated with any underlying medical conditions, many times it is associated with a connective tissue disorder which can lead to progressive trouble with circulation and other organ systems as well. Therefore if you have Raynaud's phenomenon, especially if it is getting worse over the years, then this is definitely an issue that should be revisited and worked up. And if you have new symptoms or more questions, you should discuss with your primary care doctor again.

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