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"Can you have heart palpitations without having a serious health problem?"


I get heart palpitations when I lay down. Like my heart feels faster and almost skips a beat or something. I'm 25 and kind of nervous about it. Does it mean I have a serious heart problem? Are heart palpitations necessarily dangerous?


Heart palpitations are a symptom that should always be checked out. I would recommend that you go to see your primary care doctor, who should be able to perform the necessary evaluation. In someone your age, intermittent heart palpitations are not usually a major problem.

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For example, young healthy hearts are pretty sensitive to caffeine, and many people will experience occasionally palpitations if they drink too much coffee, tea, or soda. Nevertheless, it is important to have a checkup. You should mention to your doctor any other symptoms concerning for a heart problem, which would include shortness of breath, fatigue with minimal exercise, difficulty laying flat in bed, swelling in the legs, or feeling faint or passing out. You should also mention if there is anyone in your family who has a history of heart problems, such as heart failure or heart rhythm problems. In addition to performing an examination, your doctor will probably order an electrocardiogram, which is a simple electrical tracing of the heart that is obtained by placing stickers on the chest for a few minutes. If the exam and the electrocardiogram are normal, it may not be necessary to perform additional testing, but your doctor can help you make that decision.

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