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"Is the itchy feeling around my vagina candida?"

ZocdocAnswersIs the itchy feeling around my vagina candida?


I've been having some itching around my vagina. My friend says she has candida and that's probably what I got. Is it like yeast infections? What is it? Should a doctor look at me?


There are various reasons to have vaginal itching. The most common causes include chemicals such as a new cream, contraceptive, new item of clothing, detergents or sprays. Sometimes, itching may even be triggered by stress and change in the acid balance in your vagina. Often, a yeast infection or candida can cause itching. Vaginal yeast infections often occur with a curd-like discharge and can be triggered by various antibiotics, diabetic disease, birth control pills or even sex. Other infections, including sexually transmitted diseases or STDs, can also cause vaginal itching, inflammation and odor. Yes a doctor should look at you and you should make an appointment to see your primary care physician or ob-gynecologist examine you to accurately diagnose your condition and treat it appropriately. Your doctor will take a full medical and sexual history, and perform a detailed physical exam and a pelvic examination, and even sample some vaginal cells for microscopic examination. Based on the findings, you may be given antibiotics for a bacterial infection, or antifungals for a yeast infection. Furthermore, you may want to avoid using feminine hygiene sprays or douches as these can be a nidus for infection and keep your genital area clean and dry using plain soap.

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