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"Is the redness in my cheeks rosacea?"


Every time I exercise I get really red in the cheeks. I'm 27 and I'm worried this is rosacea. Can you have rosacea and only have it show up when you exercise or sweat a lot?


Rosacea is a very common skin disorder for which the cause is not entirely clear, although there is some evidence that colonization of the skin with mites and other organisms may contribute to worsening of symptoms. The condition is characterized by bright red spots on the skin of the cheeks and nose, sometimes with thickening and distortion of the skin. Rosacea is most common in middle aged and older adults.

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It would be pretty unusual for someone your age to be developing rosacea, but it is not entirely impossible. However, it is also possible that you just have a normal flushing reaction of the skin to exercise, when blood flow increases in the cheeks (this would, obviously, not be something you would need to worry about). In order to set your mind at ease, I recommend that you make an appointment to go see your primary care doctor. They will be able to examine the spots on your face and help you determine if this is in fact rosacea. The will also be able to rule out other skin conditions, such as lupus or eczema. If this does turn out to be rosacea, you can rest assured that there are many effective treatment that your doctor can prescribe for you!

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