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"What are the long-term effects of lordosis?"


I'm 23 years old and my doctor told me that I have lordosis. I feel fine but I'm afraid of what it could do to my body down the road. Are there any ways to fix it or make my back go back to normal?


Lordosis is is simply a term that describe inward curvature of the spine. Normally, when a doctor tells you that you have lordosis they are referring to the curvature of the spine in your lower back. This part of your spine always curve in - hence some lordosis is always normal.

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If your doctor commented on it, they probably mean that the lordosis is more accentuated than it should be. This, in common everyday language, is often called "sway back." The most common causes of sway back in the general population are pregnancy, tight low back muscles, and abdominal obesity. The main complication of accentuated lordosis in the lower back is chronic back pain. This is because the accentuated curvature puts additional pressure on the discs in the spinal column, which may lead to disc degeneration. Additionally, if the lordosis is primarily due to too tight muscles in the lower back, these muscles may actually be spasming, which can lead to pain. Treatment of lordosis includes anti inflammatory pain relievers for any low back pain. Additionally, your primary care doctor can give you some back muscle and leg muscle stretching exercises which can help to relieve the lordosis. For some people, a physical therapy referral may also be a good idea. Please speak to your doctor.

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