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"What does it mean if my friend had a seizure?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean if my friend had a seizure?


Worried about my friend! She passed out the other day, I think just from the heat or heat exhaustion, but while she was on the ground she was shaking and seizuring. Should she go to the doctor? She said she just fainted and its no big deal.


Yes, she should definitely go see a doctor, and this is very important. Seizures have a number of causes ranging from very simple reasons to more serious reasons. And sometimes, it can be hard to say if someone is having a seizure because patients may only appear to have a staring episode. Some of the causes of seizures maybe a high fever, a head injury, a brain tumor or bleeding, an infection, or a drug related reaction. Sometimes, seizures maybe unprovoked and happen repeatedly, as they are seen in a disease known as epilepsy. It is very very important that your friend make an appointment to see a doctor as soon as possible to figure out what happened, and to take proper measures to prevent this from happening again. The correct treatment can prevent the chance of this recurring by half. Most often, a single seizure maybe managed by primary care doctors or even emergency room physicians, but ongoing seizures will require evaluation and management by a neurologist. A neurologist will be best able to ask questions about specific symptoms such as dizziness, the timing of a seizure, events leading to it, specific triggers and may ask for blood tests and other lab work to diagnose the cause accurately, and to determine what treatment is needed.

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