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"Why won't this spot on my nose go away?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy won't this spot on my nose go away?


Right along where my nose meets my face, I have a small white dot. It doesn't go away so I don't think its a pimple. Is it skin cancer? What would skin cancer look like?


There are several possibilities here, and you are right to think about skin cancer which is the condition that must always be ruled out when ever you find a suspicious spot on your skin. Skin cancer on the face is pretty common, especially in older people. This is because accumulating damage to the skin from exposure to the sun may eventually be enough to cause cancers to develop. A skin cancer might look like many different things, but the common theme would be a spot on the skin, usually raised or with texture, that enlarges and changes slowly. On the other hand, if the white spot you are talking about has been more or less the same all along without any change, then it is much less likely to be a cancer. There are several benign lesions that can occur on the face that are not cancer. They can include small cysts, as well as things called syringomas (enlarged glands under the skin), and even just simple pimples! I would suggest that you go see your primary care doctor or a dermatologist if you are worried about the spot. They will be able to take a look and help you decide what it is.

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