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"How serious is Tietze syndrome?"

ZocdocAnswersHow serious is Tietze syndrome?


I have really bad pain, ct scan and xray show there is no fracture anywhere, I am being told it could possibly be Tietze's, I have been like this for over 3 years with no realief... I cant take mortin nor toradol.. my collar bone sticks out so far I hide it because people notice... I was complaining about this about 6 month if not longer before I finall had to leave my job because of my left foot. Could this condition be corrected and could of my job been the undrlined cause?


It seems like you are addressing several different complaints in your question. Tietze syndrome is a rare form of isolated inflammation involving the joints between the sternum (breast bone), clavicle (collar bone), and ribs. However, this doesn't have anything to do with your pain in your feet. Furthermore Tietze syndrome is usually self resolving, and it would be unlikely for symptoms to continue for 3 years unabated. Finally, Tietze syndrome just causing inflammation of the joints, not the bones themselves, so it would be unlikely to cause your collar bone to stick out like you are reporting (this could actually just be your normal collarbone anatomy). I think you will need the help of your primary care doctor in order to help sort out what is going on, so I recommend that you touch base with your primary care doctor. There are multiple potential causes of chronic joint and musculoskeletal pain. These include conditions like fibromyalgia as well as numerous rheumatological conditions, like lupus. Your doctor will help you determine whether or not it makes sense to pursue a rheumatological workup or whether attention needs to start being focused on helping you control and manage this chronic pain problem.

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