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"What would make my urine burn if I don?t have an STD?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat would make my urine burn if I don?t have an STD?


I?m 18 years old and I?ve never had sex, but it burns when I urinate. I?m male and it makes my penis hurt. Why would my urine burn if I don?t have an STD?


The symptom you are describing is termed dysuria, which is usually described as either burning or pain with urination. Though this symptom is far more common in women, it also occurs in men, especially as they age. The symptom of dysuria can be caused by inflammation or irritation in the urethra, prostate, bladder or other parts of urinary tract. In older gentlemen the most common cause is a urinary tract infection, usually due to poor urine flow caused by enlargement of the prostate. In young sexually active males inflammation of the urethra caused by a sexually transmitted infection is more frequently the cause. There are also several other causes of dysuria that are not necessarily caused by an infection such as kidney stones, auto-immune diseases or medications among other causes. The best way to have your symptoms evaluated is at your primary care physician’s office. Your doctor will take a history, perform an exam and likely take a sample of your urine to check for infection or inflammation. Depending on the results of this analysis further workup may be required. You should contact your primary care physician who can evaluate your symptoms more thoroughly and help direct you to the appropriate therapy. Good luck!

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