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"Could a lack of calcium in my diet be causing my ear cartilage to feel soft?"


The cartilage in my right ear doesn?t feel as stiff and firm as the left one. My friend says this could be caused by a lack of calcium. Is this true? What might cause something like this?


Ear cartilage is a stiff material made of various different proteins and some minerals that make up structures such as the ear and acts as padding in our joints. A lack of calcium in your diet can cause problems with your health, but your ear cartilage is not one of them. When our body gets less calcium than it needs, the organ first effected is the bones.

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This is because the bones have a huge amount of calcium stored within them. If there is a decrease in calcium in the blood, the body will take it out of the bones to make sure the blood has enough. Over time if you are not eating enough calcium, the calcium content of the bones will decrease making them weak. This is what happens when someone develops weak bones from osteoporosis. The fact that your ear cartilage is softer on the right is most likely a normal variant which means nothing. But to be sure, show it to a doctor. The two of you can discuss you ear cartilage, and the amount of calcium you currently have in your diet. This way you can be sure to have healthy bones in the future.

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