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"Are there any health risks involved with a fast heart rate?"

ZocdocAnswersAre there any health risks involved with a fast heart rate?


My doctor said that my heart rate is a little fast, but didn?t seem concerned about it. Are there any health risks if my heart rate is a little faster than normal?


The answer to your question depends on how fast your heart rate was. If someone has a heart rate over 120 or so for a prolonged period of time (months to years) then there is the risk of developing heart failure. However, I doubt that your heart rate was that fast if your doctor did not seem too concerned about it. In addition, if your heart rate was that fast, you would need more testing to determine why it was that fast. Some abnormal heart rhythms called arrhythmias can cause that. If your heart rate was in the 70s to 80s in beats per minute, this is within the normal range. While heart rates differ between people for many different reasons, one common cause of a higher heart rate is being out of shape. People that are in good cardiovascular shape tend to have lower heart rates. I am not saying that this indicates that you need to hit the treadmill, but that could be one explanation. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. You can pose this question to him or her. Basically you just want to know if your heart rate is indicative of any potential health problems. I doubt the answer will be yes. Good luck.

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