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"Are certain forms of cancer age-specific?"

ZocdocAnswersAre certain forms of cancer age-specific?


Do some forms of cancer only affect adults. Like can children and young adults get breast cancer or ovarian cancer or something like that? I?m concerned for my daughter.


All forms of cancer have certain age groups in which they are more likely to occur. Likewise there are certain cancers that you would see in adults that you would never see in kids and (to a certain extent) vice versa. For example, certain forms of leukemia are common in kids than adults, but other forms of leukemia are only seen in adults. Specifically, breast cancer and ovarian cancer are very rarely seen in kids. Certain genetic problems can predispose women to ovarian and breast cancer, but even then these cancers usually don't show up until women are in their 20s. If you have a strong family history of these cancers, then it may not be a bad idea to have your daughter be tested for some of the genes that have been associated with breast cancer. If your family does not have a history of these cancers, then it is probably not worth your while to get your daughter tested. The type of physician that you could see about this is your daughter's primary care physician. A primary doctor could perform a simple family tree (called a pedigree) to see if there are any concerning patterns of cancer that should be looked into. If there are, then your daughter could get a referral to see a cancer geneticist. Again, please discuss with your doctor.

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