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"Is it normal for a scar to itch constantly?"


Had surgery on my knee to repair a ligament last month. My scar has started itching all the time. Is this normal? Will it go away or is this going to happen forever?


I am glad to hear that your surgery went well. It doesn't seem like you are having a lot of pain or swelling, which is great. The scar from your surgery will heal eventually.

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The process of scar healing does take quite a while, however, and the scar will continue to change in size and texture and color for several months to come (it will get smaller, smoother, and its color will tend to fade into the surrounding skin). As part of this ongoing scar contraction and healing, you may experience some itching. In part, this itching may be due to the healing process. It may also be due in part to some dryness of the skin overlying the scar. Finally, it is partly to due to the fact that small nerve endings that were cut during the surgery are growing back into the area. There is not much you can do to stop the itching, although it should start to get better soon. You can keep the skin well moisturized with a lotion. Also, you can rub or massage the area when it starts to itch, which may relieve the sensation. Please talk to your primary care doctor or the surgeon who performed your knee operation for more specific information.

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