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Dentists and Other Doctors in South Central Houston, Houston, TX, 77004

Dentists in South Central Houston, Houston

Get your teeth cleaned or whitened by a dentist in south central Houston. Whether you're near Discovery Green, Emancipation Park, or The Weather Museum, you can find a nearby dentist to fit crowns or a bridge using ZocDoc. Check verified patient reviews and doctor profiles before you book, then schedule a convenient appointment time online. Just click on an open time slot to get started.

1210 West Clay Street
Houston, TX 77019
Within 3.5 miles
Hi Dentist Seekers, I normally do not leave reviews because "Ain't nobody got time for that," (to leave a review or read my lengthy story) but Dr. Speck's service was superb and I hope my story helps another person. Doctor Speck has been my employer's dentist for years. After I had an unpleasant experience at another dentist, he referred me to Dr. Speck. My visit with Dr. Speck saved me countless dollars and frustration and provided a great service to me. My previous dentist had a lavish setup, a pleasant staff, and all of the newest gadgets but that previous dentist refilled a filling incorrectly. It had microscopic holes in it, so six months later at a routine cleaning, that doctor needed to refill it again. Long story, I had to go back two more times and that cavity still jolted me if I chewed on that side of my mouth. At the first cleaning, that dentist told me I had four cavities and no enamel on my teeth. He wanted me to buy some paste products for $75 and gave me a quote for the cavities. I decided to look elsewhere for service. I waited six months and went to Dr. Speck. I told him none of my previous woes except I had pain on a certain tooth. He did some magic tricks, sanded something, and I can bite on that side. Yay! He also cleans your teeth himself with a turbo water pick. This could save him overhead costs, but who cares? I felt really good getting special attention. Other dentists only spend five minutes with me to knock around my mouth. I got to ask Dr. Speck questions about my gum health and each of my teeth concerns without feeling rushed! That's relieving. Once he had cleaned my teeth and looked at my x-rays, he said come back in six months. I said, "What about my four cavities?" He said I had a few spots to watch but no cavities. I asked about my enamel. Turns out the ridges were simply a bit of old glue from my braces years ago. Dr. Speck restored my faith in humanity and the healthcare system. I sleep easy now. If you want to rest assured that you are not getting suckered to buy snake oil, go see Dr. Speck. Kristen 28, yuppie female Houston, Texas