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Welcome to the practice of Alla Mesh, MD.
As a neurologist Dr. Mesh specializes in all aspects of neurology with a specialized focus in the treatment of headaches and other nonmalignant pain conditions (neck, low back pain, painful peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia and etc).
Neurology, Headache and Pain Management Clinic is an integrative medical facility for the treatment of migraine, tension, cluster and other headaches and pain conditions and other neurological problems. Dr. Mesh is dedicated to provide effective, personalized, lifetime headache prevention and control.
Since 1999, Alla Mesh, MD has been working to provide effective treatment and diagnosis to thousands of headache and pain patients. She has given many lectures and tutorials on the treatment of primary headaches and pain conditions. The number one focus of her practice in Brooklyn Heights is on taking the time, care, and individualized attention to understand each patient. She uses herbs, vitamins, medications, Botox and nerve block (trigger points) injections in treatment of headaches and non-malignant pain conditions.
Dr. Mesh guarantees to dedicate her time and professional expertise in order to diagnose your problem and help you feel better.

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