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Dr. Amy (Tsz) Lee MD

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Amy Lee MD is triple board certified in internal medicine, medical nutrition and obesity medicine and her passion in treating an individual from the foundation by implementing nutrition therapy with evidence based conventional medical practice has made her stand out from the norm.
Most medical conditions can be traced back from chronic inflammation from overweightness and obesity. Her clinical research training in medical nutrition at UCLA combined with years of experience in medical weight management has made her an expert in providing innovative treatment modality in common comorbid conditions such as abnormal sugars, elevated blood pressure, fatigue, bone pain, and hormonal imbalance, just to name a few.
Dr. Lee launched her brand, MDietician in 2010 and since then, her practice has evolved into a comprehensive wellness center, Prime Performance LA, in the heart of downtown LA, providing care to the busy bodies of professionals to the residents with today’s modern living lifestyle.
Her experiences with integrative healthcare and her affiliation with Heath AtLast allow her to diversify the many options in work up such as utilizing genetics and food intolerance testing, as well as treat with safer alternatives such as spine manipulation, and physical therapy.
Dr. Lee is now a full time consultant for MiVIP (minimally invasive surgical center) in Westwood and Orange County and serves an active role in combining the practice of medically supervised weight management with surgical options such as gastric bypass and vertical sleeves for extreme weight management.
Dr. Lee continues to educate her community by taking on an active role in giving nutrition seminars through corporate wellness events in the community as well as medical grand rounds for the colleagues of all different specialties. Her role as a medical advisor in nutrition supplement companies such as Nucific and Nutritional Frontiers; reflects her true passion in continuing education.
Highlights in her practice: Individualized diet plans, change in lifestyle, Restricted caloric intake, High lean protein, superfoods, Paleo, Anti-inflammatory Diets, Food-Medicine Interactions, Functional Foods, Anti Cancer diets, Wellness, Vitamins & Supplements.
As a native from Seattle, Washington, Dr. Lee continues to reside in downtown LA and besides her passion in practice, she is also crazy about her English Bulldog Oggie Bubba.

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