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Dr. Bernard Kreger MD

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Bernard Kreger is an experienced and accomplished primary care doctor serving his patients at the Boston Medical Center. Dr. Kreger is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and he serves as a professor of medicine at the Boston University’s School of Medicine.
Dr. Kreger attended the Case Western Reserve University to complete his medical degree. He then completed his residency program at the Boston City Hospital, before he completed an infectious diseases fellowship at the Boston University’s School of Medicine. His clinical focuses are in internal medicine and primary care, and many of his appointments, including illness visits, are completed within 45 minutes. Dr. Kreger is well-versed in all aspects of primary care, and his attention to providing easy-to-understand explanations, directions, and aftercare instructions create a sense of trust between himself and his patients. His bedside manner is calming and patient-oriented, allowing his patients to be at ease in his office.

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