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Dr. Cecil Yeung introduced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery to the Houston area over fifteen years ago. Dr.Yeung is a Board Certified specialist and surgeon who offers a successful, minimally invasive approach to treating sinus disease. It is an inflammatory disease of the sinuses involving anatomical narrowing, and may or may not include allergy and other environmental irritants. Sinusitis needs to be assessed properly in order to arrive at an optimal treatment plan. Unfortunately, in a majority of cases, this is not done. Very often, sinus surgery is performed inadequately or incompletely, resulting in ineffective control of the disease. When that occurs, a re-do of the surgery procedure is required and in many cases, multiple surgeries are necessary.

Most repeat surgery is the result of either the incompleteness of surgery to adequately restructure the sinuses or a surgically created obstruction. The national average rate of re-do sinus surgery is approximately 30% after the primary surgery. Dr. Yeung’s advanced skills and results-oriented attitude serves to offer patients an extremely low re-do rate of 0 – 1%. The result is a more permanent solution to sinus symptoms and minimizes the need for repeat surgeries. Dr. Yeung’s extensive and advanced knowledge of structural anatomy also offers the patient safety and security. Because of his expertise and experience there is no need for the use of computerized surgical guidance systems, such as Insta Trak …etc. Unfortunately, these guidance systems carry with them an accuracy error margin of 2 – 3%, which is significant when working near the critical anatomy of the head and eye. Knowledge of surgical anatomy is crucial to the accuracy and completeness of surgery, thereby avoiding possible surgical complication to the cranium and orbit. Dr. Yeung’s approach to Endoscopic sinus surgery is unique and well known for superior and long-lasting results. He enjoys a nearly non-existent complication rate as a result of his surgical skills.

We at the Yeung Institute, are grateful for the many testimonials we receive from patients regarding an improvement of their lifestyle because of the caring surgical approach of Dr. Yeung.

The Yeung Institute offers the latest in Endoscopic surgical technology in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with a competent and informative staff for patients contemplating treatment or surgery. The staff and physicians at The Yeung Institute are here to answer any and all of your questions prior to surgery.

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