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Dr. Stein treats all types of orthopedic injuries with a specialty in sports medicine. Unfortunately, he does not treat the foot or back. Sports medicine injuries include: shoulder dislocations, shoulder separations, shoulder instability, shoulder rotator cuff tears, knee ligament or cartilage tears, knee osteochondral defects, and ankle ligament injuries. He specializes in arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, knee, and ankle. This includes arthroscopic shoulder rotator cuff repairs and shoulder stabilization procedures. Knee expertise includes arthroscopic ligament reconstructions and cartilage replacement procedures such as osteochondral autologous transfer surgery and autologous cartilage regeneration. He also performs joint replacement surgery for the knee and shoulder. Dr. Stein wishes to provide the highest quality orthopedic care to the community. This includes all aspects of patient care with an emphasis on patient education and rehabilitative treatments. He will be involved in community athletics including: high school athletics, recreational teams, and semi-professional organizations.
Dr. Stein believes in aggressive, non-operative treatment plans personally designed for each patient to try and avoid or postpone surgical treatment. This includes: home excercise program, physical therapy, bracing/splints, and/or injections. Injections include: corticosteroid, joint lubricant therapy, and platelet rich plasma injections (PRP).

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