Dr. Jeremy Stoepker

Dr. Jeremy Stoepker MD

Family Physician

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Our physicians are faculty members at Columbia University and Montefiore Medical Center, and certified through the American Board of Family Medicine. There is a strong emphasis in the specialty of Family Medicine on promoting health and preventing disease, and the physicians at Westside Family Medicine are trained to provide complete health care to patients of all ages. A Guide to Services:
Comprehensive care for the entire family.
Emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion. Newborn, child, adolescent and adult health care. Office-based procedures and diagnostic tests including ekg, spirometry, echocardiograms, nerve conduction studies.
Skin procedures such as mole and wart removal and biopsies. Health care for women including pap smears, IUD placement, medical abortions, and annual exams. The support of specialists and services as needed.

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