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Dr. Luis Penate-Perez MD

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Dr Penate graduated from the University of Havana in 1990.He completed his residency in family medicine in Cuba. He then worked in South Africa from 1998 until 2000 where he practiced medicine in several different cities, acquiring tremendous clinical and surgical experience. He finished his (United States) residency in family medicine at the University of Mount Sinai in New York. He is a board certified doctor in Family Medicine. His thesis was based naturopathic treatments.

Dr. Penate arrived in Miami in 2006 were he began working in a private practice covering all types of patient‘s 1 to 99 years of age. According to Dr. Penate, he has had many patients who have been tested for probable causes to their often bad moods and depression, but the test results came back normal. The doctor felt bad for his patients because it seemed like nothing was helping them. However it was not until 2009, when he began to conduct extensive research, that he realized that many patients have physiological disorders which are not detected by conventional tests.

Taking into consideration that this problem is real and that his patients needed a different and customized approach, Dr. Penate went to pass training in natural medicine. “Who would believe I did that? Since I started this service in my office I have been thanked more than in my whole 20 years in the medical field. It makes me feel happy to be able to help my patients and have an alternative and different approach when traditional medicine does not work".

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