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Dr. Willette is board certified in Internal Medicine and his office is located at 1051 Pineloch Drive, Suite 600 (corner of Pineloch and El Camino Real). He accepts Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance patients, with Medicare patients being approximately 25% of his practice.

A graduate of Baylor College of Medicine as a board certified internist, Dr. Willette has been providing physician services in the Gulf Coast area for over 20 years. He is also a Wound Care Specialist. Dr. Willette also has a Nurse Practitioner Adrienne Mucha on staff; she has served the Clear Lake/Pasadena area for over 10 years. We offer experience in primary care, internal medicine, emergency care, wound care, well-woman physicals, geriatric care and weight loss programs, offering appointments to infants and children, as well as adults.

Our office staff prides itself in excellent quality patient care, offering bilingual assistance when needed. Some of the staff has been with Dr. Willette for over 12 years. All patient call backs are returned on a daily basis; all lab and procedure results are copied and a personal, hand-written letter from the physician with instructions is mailed to the patient's home the day the results come into the office.

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