Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions we get asked a lot, so we went ahead and answered them. It just makes sense!

About ZocDoc

ZocDoc is the beginning of a better healthcare experience. With ZocDoc, you can find neighborhood doctors you love and book appointments instantly. You can also make informed choices with our verified doctor reviews, stay on top of important checkups with tailored reminders, and even fill out those pesky waiting room forms before your appointment! In other words, we’re here to bring power to you, the patient.
When our company was founded, the domain only cost $6 to buy – while other website names cost millions of dollars! Since our founders were using their personal savings to start the company, they snatched up this bargain and the catchy name has stuck ever since.
Nope, we here at ZocDoc do not offer medical services of any kind. We're just a friendly group of people who are passionate about helping you have the great healthcare experience you deserve.
Not yet, but that's what we're working toward! You can currently book appointments with doctors who have partnered with us to make your healthcare experience better - and more physicians join us every day. Are you a doctor who would like to join ZocDoc? Click here.
Only doctors who pass our rigorous qualification process can join ZocDoc. Doctors must be licensed nationally and at the state level, in good standing with their state medical boards, and meet a number of other guidelines. Finally, doctors who join must hold up their agreement with ZocDoc – and we work hard to make sure they provide a great experience for patients like you!
Currently, ZocDoc serves more than 40% of the US population, across 2,000+ cities. We're continually expanding our service to new cities and towns according to patient demand.
Booking appointments with ZocDoc is 100 percent free for patients! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the care you need.

Please note that our services are completely separate from any costs you may have associated with visiting the doctor, such as insurance copays. If you're not sure how much a doctor visit will cost, we encourage you to check with your healthcare provider or your insurance company.
That's a great question to discuss directly with your healthcare provider or insurance company! If you have any questions regarding the cost of your medical care, we encourage you to give them a call.
The healthcare providers who partner with ZocDoc pay a subscription fee for ZocDoc's service. We help providers increase the efficiency of their practices, fill their last-minute cancellations, and provide prompt medical care to patients like you!
Yes, Spanish speakers can use ZocDoc en Español – either online or as a free app for iPhone and Android! You can also use the search options to find doctors who speak other languages – just go here and click "More Options."
Not yet. We're currently laser-focused on expanding our service across the entire United States, but we hope to someday make ZocDoc available everywhere!
With ZocDoc Check-In, you can securely fill out your doctor's paperwork online before the visit – and save it for your future appointments. No more filling out the same forms over and over again! It saves you time at the doctor's office, and can increase the accuracy and legibility of your medical records.
We're so happy to hear that! If you want to get involved, connect with us on our social channels, such as Twitter and Facebook...or maybe even become a ZocStar! Are you a journalist interested in covering us? Head over to our Press page. We'd love to hear from you!
Always! If you believe a better healthcare experience starts with the patient – and you want to be a part of the smartest, friendliest team you've ever met – check out our careers page. When applying, please address your cover letter to the ZocDoc Hiring Team.

Making an Appointment Using ZocDoc

It's easy! Just go to the homepage and choose the type of doctor you'd like to see, plus your insurance and location. We'll show you a bunch of different healthcare providers who may meet your needs. You can see doctors’ available times, qualifications, office photographs, and verified reviews from other patients. Just click on an appointment time you'd like and follow the quick prompts to book your appointment in minutes.
Only you can select the right doctor for your particular needs. That's why we give you so much information! When you're choosing a doctor, you should look at his or her professional statement, education, background, and verified reviews from other patients. Don't forget to leave a review after your ZocDoc appointment so you can help other patients find the right doctor!
Your insurance plan information can be found right on your insurance card. If you have any questions regarding your plan, we encourage you to call your insurance company.
To find doctors who participate in your insurance plan, just go to the search page and enter your insurance information. If your insurance logo appears next to a doctor, that doctor is in your network! If you see the words “Out of Network,” that doctor doesn't participate in your insurance.
It's okay if you don't see an option that's exactly right. Just select the one that best matches your reason for needing a doctor. If you want to tell your doctor more, you can leave a personal note for him or her on the next page. Looking for a physician who performs a specific procedure? Start your search here.
Yes, as long as your doctor participates in ZocDoc Check-In! With ZocDoc Check-In, you can securely fill out your doctor's paperwork online before the visit – and save it for your future appointments. No more filling out the same forms over and over again! It saves you time at the doctor's office, and can increase the accuracy and legibility of your medical records. Not every provider participates in ZocDoc Check-In, but more and more do so every day!
If you've reached a page that says, "Your appointment is booked," then rest assured – you're all set! Soon you'll receive an email from ZocDoc with helpful details about your upcoming appointment.
Sometimes a doctor has a last-minute emergency. In these rare cases, we'll email you as soon as possible to let you know about the scheduling change, help you find a new appointment time, and do our best to make up for the inconvenience.
Some insurance and medical providers require you to have a primary care doctor's referral when making an appointment. ZocDoc will only ask for a referral if it is required.
Our service was built so you don’t have to book appointments over the phone! We're working hard to create a simple online healthcare experience – but if you're having trouble, give us a call at (855) 962-3621 and we'll be happy to guide you through the booking process.
After you book your appointment online, you will receive an email from ZocDoc that includes your doctor's phone number, address, and other information.

My ZocDoc Account

Simply click here and enter your email address and password. If you're a new patient, click "Join Now" to create your account.
Simply sign in to your ZocDoc account to change your scheduled appointments. But please note that cancelling or rescheduling too many appointments may result in your account being locked, and we'd hate to see that happen! This policy ensures that doctors' calendars stay accurate and trustworthy for the other patients who depend on them.
If this happens to you, please give us a call at (855) 962-3621.
Just give us a call at (855) 962-3621 and we'll help you figure out what's going on.
Easy – just click here to reset it!
Just sign into your ZocDoc account, click on your name, and select "Past Appointments" or "Medical Team."
We suggest your personalized Well Guide recommendations based on the health information you've provided, together with recommended screenings from top health organizations' guidelines.
Simply sign in to your ZocDoc account and look through your past appointments. Click "Download PDF" wherever you see the "Check-In Complete" icon to view your information. If you need to make any changes, you can do so when you book your next appointment.
Absolutely! Protecting your information is extremely important to us. Millions of patients trust us to keep their medical information secure, as do the investors behind Facebook, Twitter, Google, Paypal, and Amazon. Want more info? Read our Trust page, or check out our full Privacy Policy here.

ZocDoc Reviews

There are two unique factors to consider:
  • We use a closed-loop system: There’s a huge difference between open-loop and closed-loop review systems. On an open-loop system, reviews can be written by anyone – even by the doctors themselves! ZocDoc uses a closed-loop system, which means every comment is written by a verified patient who has actually seen the doctor. This system ensures that ZocDoc enables reviews that are fair, trustworthy, and accurate.
  • We get representative feedback: ZocDoc asks for patient feedback after every single appointment that takes place, which creates a higher volume of reviews. This means it’s not just the extremely happy/unhappy outliers taking the time to leave a review, and it ensures you have a ton of useful patient feedback (good, bad, and indifferent) to help you find the right doctor.
After you attend an appointment, you’ll receive an email from us asking for feedback. Just follow that link to review your doctor! You don’t need to wait for the email, though. You can always sign into your ZocDoc account and click "Leave Feedback" for any healthcare provider on your medical team.
Absolutely not! We want to create a useful, representative, and reliable resource that you can depend on. That means we post positive reviews, negative reviews, and everything in between.
Yes, we have an entire team dedicated to ensuring that all reviews are in compliance with our guidelines (more on this right below!).
We’ll publish any review that adheres to our guidelines! Just make sure to avoid the following:
  • Profanity: We won’t publish anything profane, vulgar, or otherwise offensive.
  • Personal information: We take your privacy seriously! We won’t post reviews that include personally identifiable information such as your full name, phone number, email address, etc.
  • Pricing specifics: It’s fine to state your opinion of whether a doctor’s service came at a good price, but we won’t publish pricing specifics. These comments tend to reflect more on insurance providers than physicians.
  • Accuracy of treatment or diagnosis: We encourage you to describe your feelings about the doctor’s treatment of you as a patient. However, we don’t publish claims about the accuracy of a practitioner’s treatment and diagnosis, because they are factual matters for which we are unable to verify.
  • Promotional content: We want our reviews to be as relevant as possible, so we don’t post reviews that promote an unrelated website, product, topic, or other item that is unrelated to the patient experience.
We care about you, and we want you to have the great healthcare experience you deserve! We moderate our reviews to ensure that we’re building a trustworthy, representative, reliable review system which is helpful to doctors and patients alike.
A real, live person moderates our reviews, so it can sometimes take up to a day. Thanks for being patient! Keep in mind that some providers have chosen not to display their reviews on ZocDoc. Don’t let this stop you from leaving feedback – we read each and every review, and we want to hear about your experience!
  • Keep it relevant: Include the key points that you as a patient would be most interested in reading.
  • Ask yourself: Would I see this doctor again? Answering this question in your review is one of the best ways that other patients can gauge your overall sentiment about the practitioner.
  • Consider the length: A short paragraph or two works great. Just make sure it’s easy for other patients to read!
  • Be specific: In addition to stating how you feel about your experience with the doctor, include why you feel that way. Specific descriptions of your experience help paint a clearer picture.
  • Include details: Try to include any details that you think may be useful to another patient. For example, whether or not the office validates parking, whether it is located close to public transportation, and whether or not the office accepts credit cards are all great tips for future patients!