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Today, Oct 18
Dr. Reginald NewsomeMD
Pain Management Specialist
I have been suffering for 15 months with the most excruciating pain I couldn't even fathom that anyone could live through the level of pain I have, with little to no relief. After a plethora of the eqiuvalent of hospice care narcotics, that didn't exactly touch the pain...but affected me as a person , my family had to suffer with me. I've seen 1 other pain painagement Dr. who had the audacity to tell me to shut up, and said, "I was an inconvenience to him" then proceeded to tell me "from now on "I was merely the passenger and he was the driver." I asked for another pudendal ablation that lasted 4 months.. The Dr told my fiancée to leave, and agreed to do 2 nerve blocks vs one ablation. I have had 2 blocks performed by that Dr and they lasted 4 days to 1 week. I refused to ever go back, I called my referring Dr, and then let her know what the only pain management she knows of....and called her attention to the way I was spoken to, and how I was treated and how unethical he was to me. I have some medical training, and Dr. Newsome is the Dr she should use. He spent a long time listening to me, took in to consideration what could have started my pain. Dr. Newsome verified it was a real possibility, he made some real suggestions. and if the first suggestion he recommended failed.... He will do the ablation that gave me some of my life back. I have had one visit, Dr. Newsomes bedside manner was impeccable. He took.the time to actually see me as as human being and not just a $ sign. I am so happy to have found him. His staff was wonderful and attentive as well. My only regret is that finding 15 minutes ago! I have absolutely no doubt, You will do anything to help me with my chronic and at this time, acute pain. I would refer if you live I love is a hold near to my heart l to Dr. Newsomee. If you are in need of pain management , you need not look any farther... he's perfect. I am very happy to have him as my doctor now.
2105 Jackson St., 100HoustonTX77003