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Pediatricians in Glenview, IL 60025

Pediatricians in 60025

Finding a pediatrician in Glenview, Illinois, is effortless and free with ZocDoc. Make appointments for prenatal consultations, well-baby checkups, sports physicals, or immunizations with doctors in locations from Sleepy Hollow Park to Edens Expressway. See what other parents have to say with verified doctor reviews, and find your Glenview pediatrician instantly. Scheduling your child's visit is as easy as clicking on a time!

60025 Pediatricians
805 S Main Street
Lombard, IL 60148
Within 18 miles
The doctor was amazing, she gave us great information and medicine my son needed without trying to drag everything out with multiple appointments. The nurse who gave our son his shot however appeared very friendly initially but my son was terrified. He has never cried getting a shot before or during until this vaccination and he's 5 years old. The way the entire thing was handled was very unprofessional and for that alone we may not return. She had the needle out and ready before he was even laid down on the table so he saw it and it all went downhill from there. She would not allow us to gently get him to lay down, immediately she was threatening him that she would have to get another nurse in to hold him down for his shot. She instructed us to force him down so she could give him his shot then rushed out after giving it without hardly a word. We didn't even know if the appointment was over. She made absolutely no attempt to get him to trust her or explain anything to him. This was our first visit to this office, in the past nurses have gotten him to lay down and get comfortable before pulling out the needle and he has always been fine. We were livid and disgusted by the whole thing. Threatening to have a nurse come in to hold down a crying child less than 2 minutes after he gets on the table for his shot, impatient and unprofessional. It's unfortunate, the doctor was perfect but I consider them (doctor and nurse) a package deal when it comes to my son and I could not subject him to that again