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Welcome to Connecticut Family Chiropractic: Enjoy a Higher Quality of Life
At Connecticut Family Chiropractic, its about you and your health. Did you know that low back pain is the single leading cause of disability across the world? We know that when you get busy with your home and job, everything else but your health becomes your priority. You’ll be glad to know that chiropractic care can assure you optimal health and effective pain relief from painful conditions including back pain and neck pain. We Invite You to Come in and See for Yourself at Connecticut Family Chiropractic.
We believe that each patient deserves a comprehensive examination, including past and current medical history. We are equipped and trained to provide a full evaluation and if necessary, take X-rays, order any medical tests we might think necessary in order to know what the root of the Health Care problem is and what is the best way to help our patients. Our patients have always left the Connecticut Family Chiropractic center with better posture, balance, mobility and increased energy and vitality. Most people come to us due to pain and discomfort in their back, neck or legs. Following a thorough examination of their body, our expert chiropractic physicians are able to correct the underlying chronic problems that cause the pain.

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