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Welcome to Davis EyeCare
where caring for your vision is only part of what we do. We care about you.

With innovative technology, excellent service and a caring team, we at Davis EyeCare have a responsibility to make our patients aware of what total eye health really means. We do this with great pride and commitment.

Davis EyeCare, located in Oak Lawn, IL, is one of the largest professional contact lens practices in the country. We have two simple goals - treat vision-related problems and advance the science of eyecare. To achieve these goals, Davis EyeCare centers its activities in three areas, Clinical Practice - Eye Research - and Vision Education.

The practice of Davis EyeCare evolved out of the fifty year commitment of Dr. Harold E. Davis to his patients and later joined by his son Dr. Robert L. Davis to continue that same mission. These practitioners brought a new approach to the practice of eyecare called "Group Practice". The strength of this concept is the knowledge and experiences of different practitioners being brought together to problem solve the patient’s complaint.

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