Dr. Laura Brayton, Hoboken Chiropractic + Wellness
Dr. Laura Brayton, Hoboken Chiropractic + Wellness

Practice Statement

We are a family wellness practice, specializing in pediatrics and maternity, that strongly believe in the body's innate intelligence and ability to heal itself when blockages to the healing process are removed. Utilizing chiropractic, soft tissue techniques, allergy elimination, and nutritionals/supplements, health is restored and maintained for optimal wellness.

At Hoboken Chiropractic + Wellness, we offer our patients:
* Chiropractic care specializing in infants, children & adolescents
* A natural pain relief method for alleviating the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth
* Webster Technique for correcting breech position
* Solutions to eliminate allergies permanently from the body (NAET)
* Soft tissue therapies, including SASTM (Graston Technique) and Active Release Technique (ART)
* Nutritional counseling to restore balance to the body
* BioEnergetic Evaluation utilizing applied kin

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